Life Extension Audio Script (second draft)

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The story is told through the eyes of two labs rats and their conversation and correspondence with each other.
they are owned by a team of scientists trying to find a cure for aging.

one scientist believes in traditional methods of anti aging while the other believes in the real methods of anti aging. the lab rats argue over

which of the scientists they believe is correct. one day the scientists realize they will never reach an agreement so they decided to part ways and see which of them can conquer aging first on their own. one rat goes with the first scientist- he is creamed, injected, lifted and sculpted- he writes a whole letter to the other lab rat saying how good he looks and how much younger he feels. the second lab rat doesn’t have much happen to him just a few blood tests and admits he is a bit skeptical of his owners methods to the other rat. This goes on and on until one day cosmetic r

at starts sagging and the second rat by way of synthetic biology is made stronger and stronger. Eventually cosmetic rat writes synthetic rat a letter from his death bed admitting looks aren’t everything and your scientists was right all along to look at the cellular level.
the rats can even be named synth and cosmo





S: Did you hear what they want to do to us now?
C: Yea! They want to make us live forever! I wonder how they will do it?
S: Those scientists, such overactive imaginations. Who do they think I am Peter Pan?
C: Well I’m not complaining, living longer means more time to eat cheese!
S: Shhhh quiet you! I hear Dr. McDougall and Dr. Herrmann coming! We don’t want them to know we can talk, that will only mean more experiments for us and personally I am happy just running around in the maze all day.

Dr. M: I’m not sure about these ideas of yours, I mean if we make them live forever we will soon have a million rats. The mazes will be overcrowded and soon we’ll have to release them into the sewers.
Dr. H: Yes, but at the end of the day its a choice between a high birth rate or a low death rate and we may as well focus on those of us who are already living.
Dr. M: But wont it get boring after a while? Extended boredom could mean prolonged unhappiness and maybe even higher instances of suicide.
Dr. H: Well there’s your population control then. Just joking! Longer life means living without regret, what’s boring about that?!
Dr. M: I say we just focus on improving the quality of human life.
Dr. H: Well, I am certainly not against that, but why not try to make it longer as well?

S: All this ethical mumbo jumbo, nothing ever gets done in here!
C: I want to live longer already! Or at least look better. I mean who cares if I don’t live forever as long as I have a long life with a lustrous coat.
S: You are always so quick to believe everything you hear. Even if they do figure out how to do all this stuff it wont be for years.

Click- screen goes dark as one of the scientists turns the light off- key turned in lock

C: Those scientists, always turning the lights off on us before we are ready for bed.
S: Goodnight Cosmo
C: Goodnight Synth

The Next Day the two scientists walk in arguing:

Dr. H: I’m telling you, as scientists we have the moral duty to extend human life as far as it will go!
Dr. M: And I am telling you that extending our life spans will not solve any of our current social problems. It may even make them worse! Evil dictators could live forever, competition for jobs would be fierce and without the constant infusion of new and youthful talent everything will grind to a halt!
Dr. H: Fine! if that is how you feel I will take my rat and begin the search for immortality on my own. (reaches into cage and grabs synth) You can have fun You can have fun pumping your rat full of botox and steroids and “improving” its quality of life.

S: Goodbye cosmo! Keep in touch! Don’t forget to write and let me know how things go…
C: Goodbye Synth, the maze wont be the same without you, I hope I can find my way out on my own.

S writes:
“Dear Cosmo,
Life in here in the new lab isn’t bad, it’s just a little boring. Dr. Herrmann pretty much ignores me, she is always busy playing with her test tubes and beakers. Sometimes she stops to draw a little blood. I don’t really mind because so far she has not done anything to hurt me, plus I get plenty of exercise and good healthy food. Tomorrow she wants to count my cells to see how much cell loss I am experiencing. What’s a cell? Is that like a cage? How is that going to make me live longer? I still find this hard to believe!
Write back soon. Love,

C writes:
“Dear Syth,
I was so excited to read your letter! I miss you so much. Fortunatly Dr. McDougall doesn’t leave much time for me to be bored. I have a rigourous schedule of injections, pills and beauty routines. You should see me! I am fit as a fiddle and pretty than ever. My muscles are bulging out of my fur. Dr. M wasn’t kidding when she said I would have an improved quality of life! This botox stuff is amazing and I don’t know why no one has ever tried to give me steroids before. Dr. M tells me it is still important to eat right and exercise, but I haven’t touched my wheel in weeks and I feel great and look better than ever. Enclosed find my new head shot (I’m looking for an agent!) I miss you and won’t forget you when I am famous. I hope that your cells are all still here.
Love, Cosmo

Synth pulls out the picture and laughs

Four years later…

Final scene is synth standing over a gravestone- looking young as always and on the gravestone it says ” 2008-2010 here lies cosmo, he may have a short life, but was good looking till the end. He will be missed”


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Life Extension Audio Script (first draft) Life Extension Audio Script (alternate idea)

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