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Fear and Psychological Torture
Fear goes deeper than just, fear, it is chemical. Plus there are certain pheromones that can cause it. Fear can be induced in a person- not only by something scary, but also by coming in contact with certain chemicals. Certain chemicals can release smells that cause people to be violently ill and panicked. This was seen last year in Peru when according to witnesses, fireball hurtled out of the sky and blasted out a crater thirteen meters across, the crater filled with boiling liquid and noxious gas poured out. The fumes from the gas effected up to 600 people and caused a mass hysteria. This gives experts ideas on how to create a new type of non-lethal weapon- or torture…
Torture is more than just pain. It is about messing with the mind of the prisoner. Throughout history this has been done in many ways. It would take a while to go through all forms of psychological torture employed through the ages so I am just going to discuss my personal favorite.
Phsychotechnic torture- engineered by the anarchists during the Spanish Civil War psychotechnic torture uses modern art to drive prisoners crazy. Prisoners would be locked into cells painted crazy colors. The beds would be tilted so they couldn’t sit or lie down. There would be blocks placed on the floor so the prisoner couldn’t pace. All there was to do was stare at the crazy walls till the prisoner went crazy!!!!!!
Pentagon Investigates Fear Pheromones
Aliens Invade!!!
Psychology of Torture- Wikipedia
Psychological Torture
Psychotechnic Torture

Weed and Paranoia
Cannabis wont kill you, but that does not mean it isn’t dangerous.
-Smoking anything is unhealthy and Cannabis smoke can be even more dangerous than cigarette smoke as it contains more carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) than tobacco smoke. In addition since cannabis users inhale more smoke and for longer they can deposit more than 4 times as much tar on their lungs as cigarette smokers.
-Users who combine cannabis and tobacco significantly increase the risk of lung disease plus show the greatest risk of pre-cancerous abnormalities.
– many first time or early users have anxiety, panic, paranoia and feelings of impending doom
– heavy cannabis users users can exhibit long-lasting toxic psychosis
– using cannabis excessively can make pre-existing mental health problems worse
-The cannabis use precipitates schizophrenia in vulnerable persons
– Increased risk of low weight babies if used during pregnancy and an increased risk of leukemia among offspring exposed while in utero and other birth defects
-respiratory diseases associated with smoking as the method of administration, such as chronic bronchitis, and the occurrence of histopathological changes that may be precursors to the development of malignancy
– subtle forms of cognitive impairment, most particularly of attention and memory, which persist while the user remains chronically intoxicated, and may or may not be reversible after prolonged abstinence from cannabis plus a decline in occupational performance marked by underachievement in adults in occupations requiring high level cognitive skills, and impaired educational attainment in adolescents
– while Cannabis is not chemically addictive that does not mean a regular user will not develop a psychological dependance
Cannabis and Paranoia
More Paranoia

Synthetic Biology



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