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Finalized Creative Brief

TITLE: The Great Life Extension Debate
OVERVIEW: Life extension and the technologies and ethical debates surrounding it are things that really interest both of us, so immediately we knew it would be a great topic to do our video on. After researching it though, we realized we had conflicting views on the subject, Fiona for and Marnina against. Rather that present only one side of the story we decided to present both sides in a debate format.
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: We wanted to inform people of both sides of the story. Let them decide on their own whether it is important for us to invest our resources into trying to make people live forever, or at least well into their hundreds.
AUDIENCE: We feel that this is a topic that is relavent to everyone. It is an issue that effects humanity as a whole. Obviously it would be challenging to have “humanity as a whole” as our target audience being that many people in this world have no internet or even a computer to access this video, plus not everyone speaks English. That being said- we decided to gear this video towards the average person who has no or little scientific knowledge. We decided not to get into biology, biotech and biomedical engineering and talked more about ethics so we could attract a wider audience.
KEY MESSAGE: We would like or audience if not to have formed an opinion about whether or not we should invest resources into life extension technology, to at least be aware of the issue and be interested in finding out more.
CONTENT PLANNING: We have done a lot of research into the topic as you can read on the blog, but we have decided for the video to stick primarily to the information dealing with the ethical side of the debate. As we are presenting our own ideas in a debate form, we narrated the video itself. Graphically the content will be typographic, vector illustrations and lots of visual puns. We also included some relevant sound effects.
SCHEDULE: week 1- research into various topics and rough storyboards and ideas. week 2-4- creation of first script and storyboards and then creation of the final script and the began to create storyboards. week 5- creation of final storyboards. week 6- creation of audio storyboards and animation. week 7- finishing animation and combining animated scenes with audio and sound effects to create final video.
BIBLIOGRAPHY: Bibliography and research notes for our presentation can be viewed here.
The Nick the Greek video we watched in class was our major visual inspiration. Our end product looks completely different, but it gave us a good starting point.


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    Final Colour Scheme

    Here is the colour scheme we have decided to use for our final video.


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    Video Storyboard

    Here’s our complete video storyboard. It gives you an idea of how the animations will work with the audio script in terms of pacing and sequence.


    * there are a ton of different coloured screens in this video, but it’s just to see how they look, our final will have a much less extensive colour palette.

    * also, in a couple of spots the animation doesn’t match up with the audio cause we’ve made some changes to our script.

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    Final Story Boards

    Here’s some visualizations of how the animation will work with the script:



















    click to expand

    ***more to follow***

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    Life Extension Storyboards and Creative Briefs (first draft)

    Life Extension Obsession:


    creative brief to follow.

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    Story Boards and Creative Briefs

    Idea 1:

    “Everybody’s Coming to Get Me…”

    A video depicting the negative effects of smoking weed.

    Most people are unaware of many of weed’s negative side effects and dismiss it as nothing more than a gateway drug. This video is aimed at teens and 20 somethings (those most likely to be cannabis users) to teach them about some of the negative effects of weed, most specifically its link to paranoia and mental illness.

    The video will start off as some tripped out psychedelic thing and slowly morph into a nightmarish world. Both the sounds and visuals will undergo this transformation, meanwhile auditory information will be pumped in over the music with key words worked into the graphics.

    This piece will be inspired largely by its soundtrack which will consist of psychedelic music (or reggae) and heavy metal.

    Research and Bibliography

    Idea 2:

    “Can you Smell the Fear?”

    Being scared is a lot of things, but it isn’t rational. Fear is more than just about psychology, it can be chemical and there are even fear inducing pheromones. This project will explore the various different aspects of fear and ways to cause it.

    While the target audience for this piece will be fairly broad, the video may be a little freaky for young kids and a little to maybe a little to freaky for so adults as well. A perfect video for conspiracy theorists.

    The video would explore various aspects of the psychology and physiology of fear including the Peru incident and psychological torture.

    Visually this video would be something like a cheesy 80’s music video scary, but only because it is so weird. Think Bonnie Tyler and Total Eclipse of the Heart, with graphic elements punctuating the choir scenes and text running through the hall with Bonnie.

    Research and Bibliography

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